Egg Shackling 2020

Hello All
Well what a fantastic Egg Shackling event at Pre School on Wednesday
We had a prize for the overall winner and another for the Best Decorated egg. (Easter eggs for both winners and Haribos for the rest of the kids)
The children seemed to really enjoy this little event.
Father Geoff was absolutely brilliant in engaging the children, he had some of them in stitches when he produced his bouncing egg (you had to be there ?)
So the eggs started their rolling in the giant sieve, the first stop had half the eggs cracked.
A few more rolls and myself and Emma’s eggs went ?. Another few rolls and we were left with just 2 eggs, one more roll and we had a winner
Without further ado, let me introduce to you, the 2 winners of the day
Cant wait for next year

Father Geoff Wade with Ruby and Caleb