Local Offer
This is our ‘Local Offer’, setting down what our Pre- School offers the children in our care. We believe that all children are individuals, having Individual Education Needs, some needs maybe greater than others and we treat each child’s need. We hope this comes across in the way your child is received and cared for within the group.


Our Supervisor, Shelley Bacon, offers over 30 years of experience dealing with a wide range of needs.

Delayed Speech and Language, Global delay, Autism and the Autistic Spectrum, Tunnel Vision, Duchene Muscular Dystrophy, Hyper Mobility, Hearing Loss and Multiple Births x2 and x3.

With any of the above we believe the child comes first, the child is the centre, the hub of the circle. Next come the parents, your knowledge and experience of your child is invaluable.

Pre-school, along with other outside agencies we may call upon are next. (Area SENDco, Speech Therapists, Health Visitors, Doctors, Paediatricians etc.)


Quotes from Parents:

  • ‘Lots of help with my child’s eczema. Creams have been applied regularly + staff have been on top of it and applied when needed which has made her more comfortable throughout the day.’
  • ‘Help was always offered when required. We consider you treat our children as individuals, always supporting them in the right direction.’
  • ‘Suggestions on strategies to use at home to help with her behaviour.’
  • ‘She is treated as an individual but made to feel welcome and as an equal.’
  • ‘Pre-School have been very good recognising my child had delayed speech and came along to our first meeting with the Speech Therapist. They have continued to support us and work with my child to help with his speech.’
  • ‘Help and encouragement with potty training was given as well as concern over his poor health blip.’


We have tried to think of some of the questions you might want to ask us. As some of the answers to these questions interlink we have numbered the statement in which you will find the answer to the question.


  • Will we as parents have a say in how our child is cared for, and how their educational learning journey is planned? (1)
  • Who will oversee and work with my child? (2)
  • Who will I be able to talk to with any worries or concerns I have about my child? (2)
  • When can I talk to the staff to find out the progress my child is making and if they are on target? (3)
  • How does the setting know how well my child is doing?(3)
  • My child has very little language, can the setting help and how would I know what my child has done during each session?(4)
  • I am already worried about my child starting ‘Big School’(3 & 5)
  • My child is in a wheel chair, can you accommodate them?(6)
  • My child doesn’t seem to be developing as quickly as his brother did. I don’t know what’s wrong (1)
  • How do your staff keep up to date with my child’s medical needs? (1,7)
  • My child likes routine. He is really unsettled by the 6/7 weeks summer holidays. (8)


  1. You know your child best, therefore we will take our lead from you. We will firstly observe your child. We use the graduated response to gather evidence, so that if we need to call in outside agencies, ST, HV, Area SENDco we can provide them with a clear picture of your child and their needs.We take on board the things they like to do, so they can learn through experiences they will enjoy. We will listen and take on board the expertise of all the outside agencies involved with your child. We will encourage those agencies to come into Pre-school to see your child where they feel comfortable.
  2. We work a KEY FAMILY system. Working in this way ensures that your child doesn’t become too reliant on any one member of staff. All staff will work with you and your child, overseen by the heads of the key family and SENDco’s. In this way if any staff member is absent you know that your child hasn’t become attached to just that one member of staff and therefore not upset or distraught by their absence. Both you and your child will have other staff members with whom you will have made attachments.
  3. All children are monitored, observed and assessed whilst at play.
  • These are our ‘Formative Assessments’. –
  1. Observing the children as they act and interact in their play, everyday activities and planned activities. You can add to these with WOW’s you have observed your child doing at home. (observation)
  2. Observing what your unique child can do, helps us to identify where your child may be along their own Developmental Pathway. (assessment)
  3. We look at ways of supporting your child to strengthen and extend their current learning and development. An Individual Educational Plans (IEP) is written for your child, we encourage you to contribute to this. (planning)

‘Summative Assessment’

  • We use the Early Years Foundation Stage Development Matters Pathway in which we record and track your child’s progress.
  • This Pathway begins when your child joins us and will continue until the end of the EYFS Profile at the end of their Reception Year at School.
  • It contains a ‘Tracker’ alerting us (if it has not already been picked up) of any areas your child may be at risk of delay or is ahead for their age. It supports information sharing with parents, colleagues and other settings your child might attend.
  • This information sharing can take place within Pre-school / At Speech and Language appointments (where possible a member of staff can accompany you to your childs ST appointments.) School Transfer meetings (again a staff member will accompany you)
  • Sharing information/asking questions/speaking to staff members within a pre-school morning, you will see that 9am is very busy, and we may ask you to wait until register time when a staff member can give you their full attention.



  1. Our supervisor is a Somerset Total Communication Co-ordinator. We use STC within our group, you and your child would be given the opportunity to learn STC. It is a total communication system, using, body language, gestures, symbols, objects of reference and signing to support your childs learning and development, and something all of the children at pre-school use to varying degrees.  As part of our STC we would set up an individual ‘Two Way Communication Book’ to help your child communicate his/her day at pre-school / home.


  1. School Transfers We have links to all local schools and will go with your child to meet their new teacher and attend any School introduction days.  We have strong links with Shepton Beauchamp Primary School and our own unique School Transfer Programme. This see the children going up to ‘Big School once a week from the beginning of the Summer Term (April) through to the end of term (July) When your child is ready they will have the opportunity to stay for a while each week without a member of staff from pre-school. Giving both them and the reception teacher a great readiness for their transfer in September. We also link with the school for several other events, Harvest, Chinese New Year, Diwali, Road Safety, Chris-tingle to name but a few, thus giving your child the opportunity to visit and spend time with the Reception teacher between 10 and 15 times before starting at ‘Big School’, not just the usual 1 or 2 visits.


  1. Our premises is the Village Hall. We have a side ramp which can take you into the hall or can be used to access the garden. There is also a wide door disabled toilet. All the childrens activities are based on one level indoors and outdoors in the garden.


  1. All our staff are trained in Paediatric First Aid. We would also listen to you with your wealth of knowledge of your child. We would, where necessary attend courses to further our knowledge of your childs condition. For example we have completed courses on: How to use an epee pen, Help with individual Physio therapy. We have followed Medical Health Plans set down by ST’s / PT’s or sat with parents to compile Personal Care Plans (when needed).


  1. We try to run an extended term (min. numbers required) during the Summer holidays. This year we opened for a couple of days each week for the first 3 weeks, thus keeping some normality to the childrens routines.


Please contact us if you have any further questions. Feel free to call into the hall during term time.